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Slice apples
Slice the Apples!Copyright@ 2013, apples, Inc
Version: | Date added: |
no screenshot Corinth Micro Engines
Have you ever been interested in types of engines and how do they work? This ground-breaking 3D interactive educational app offers all the facts you are looking for - in a visually outstanding, easy-to-understand and fun package. timeline of engines
Version: | Date added: |
Leh Adventures Fan App
Leh is a beautiful place in Ladakh in India.This app will give you information about the touristy things to do there.Best way to enjoy it is hire a motorcycle and roam around.. this app will tell you how
Version: | Date added: |
Shark Tank
How long can you survive the Shark Tank?This is a time based rendition of the classic school game, "Sharks and Minnows".This is my first app, I can only get better, so please be easy on the criticism. Time based game
Version: | Date added: |
Photo Moto
Photo Moto is the best photo viewer and organization app for Windows 8.Easily view, edit, organize, display, and share your photos.
Version: | Date added: |
Toddler Touch and Drag
Toddler Touch and Drag was created for my 18 month old daughter as an educational experiment for her skills with matching shapes and colors through touch. To my surprise, she totally loves playing it and it doubles as entertainment while she is honin
Version: | Date added: |
SyFy Channel Video's
This is a collection of video clips of SyFy ChannelWe don’t own the rights of these video clips. All the rights belong to the authors of the clips on youtube. Snapped view Continues Playing
Version: | Date added: |
no screenshot Peg-O-Rama
A simple game found in many carnival midways. Simply drop the puck on a slanted board and allow gravity to do it's thing. Earn points as the puck hits pegs and settles into a basket at te bottom. Each time you play a different board is set up.
Version: | Date added: |
This is an Application which will play some selected nursery rhymes for kids. This application requires internet connection. Attractive back ground Nushery Rhyme
Version: | Date added: |
Excel & Access Training
This is a collection of video clips of Excel and Access. This app contains several training video's with tutorials of Excel and Access. We don’t own the rights of these video clips. All the rights belong to the authors of the clips on youtube. Sna
Version: | Date added: |
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