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no screenshot Pai Gow Poker by Ted
Popular casino game Pai Gow Poker reimagined for Windows 8 by software designer Ted Johnson. Realistic, casino-like play Fortune Bonus bet House Way for player’s hand Auto-sort for player’s hand Displays poker rank for both low and high hands Ex
Version: | Date added: |
Freeboard Morris
Simple Morris game with moveable pieces. Setup for Nine Men's Morris, but works great as Six or Twelve. Cheat! Steal! All the take-backs and do overs you want. Play any way you see fit. You have the freedom to make up your own rules.Add more pieces +
Version: | Date added: |
mio app
¡La primera aplicación de Windows Store para el transporte masivo de Cali MIO! Conoce las distintas estaciones que tiene la ciudad y sus respectivas rutas. Todo a través de un mapa interactivo en el cual puedes ir explorando el sistema. Observa e
Version: | Date added: |
My Pinterest
This is a simple Pinterest app for Windows 8, allows users to log in to their account and see the pins on the front screen. The app integrates search and share charm, as well as snapped views Search Charm Share Charm Snapped View Semantic Zoom
Version: | Date added: |
Reaper: MIDI, Instruments and Plugins
Composer/producer Gary Hiebner is back with a deep course on Reaper’s powerful MIDI implementation. So if you make music using MIDI, check it out!In Gary’s previous course you saw what a full-featured a audio workstation Reaper really is. In this
Version: | Date added: |
Guía interactiva para para conocer sobre la ciudad de Buenos Aires - Argentina. Información, donde comer, costumbres, paseos que deberá conocer de ante mano quien desee visitar Buenos Aires.Si piensas venir a Buenos Aires, primero visita esta guí
Version: | Date added: |
Generator liczb losowych
Generator pomaga w losowaniu zestawów do popularnych gier, takich jak lotto czy keno. Przydaje się również wtedy, gdy potrzebne są całkowicie losowe liczby. Dodatkową funkcją jest możliwość zapisu wyników do pliku. Generowanie do 3
Version: | Date added: |
About Twitter
Want to know more information about Twitter? Then this is the most key app you will need to know all about it!Included on this app:- Main information about what the product is- History- Features- Usage
Version: | Date added: |
ECE - Electronics for Analog Signal Processing -..
Bored of reading books but still aspired to learn? Here is our complete video tutorial app focusing on electronics for analog signal processing in electronics and communications engineering with in-depth coverage. Learn and update your knowledge in y
Version: | Date added: |
SubyWub is a helicopter style game with a twist. You must navigate through harsh terrain all the while avoiding constant danger. Everything in the game from spikes to naval mines is out to get you.
Version: | Date added: |
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