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Spirit Scanner
Spirit Scanner is a free high tech radar application for detecting the presence of ghosts and other spirits. If there is a ghost or spirit in your house, you may be able to detect it with this radar. Spirit Scanner also attempts to allow a gh
Version: | Date added: |
A Pimp RPG
The streets are getting rough. Something's not right with Mayor of Oakland. Get ready to battle dang hippies and union leaders and learn the secret. Why is the Mayor closing down Oakland? A satirical parody on classic Role Playing Game. Hilar
Version: | Date added: |
Calculadora científica
Calculadora para Windows 8. Soporta operaciones estándar y científicas básicas. Diseñada para estudiantes de primaria. Features Efectua de funciones científicas. Diseñada para estudiantes de primaria.
Version: | Date added: |
101 Traveling around best places in the world
«101 Traveling around best places in the world» - the application will introduce you to the most wonderful places of the world, and high-quality pictures and live sounds of nature will give the atmosphere of presence of the most amazing places on t
Version: | Date added: |
Colorize HD
Get creative. Make your pictures unique by colorizing them! Convert an image to black and white and then bring back a pop of color wherever you choose by brushing the color back on with your fingertip. You can zoom in and rotate the image and c
Version: | Date added: |
NASA Be A Martian for windows 8
Be A Martian: Come explore Mars with us!Space exploration is no longer limited to the intrepid few, but is open to us all as members of a spacefaring society. Be part of exploration and discovery in these times, and personally contribute to the
Version: | Date added: |
File Manager for windows 8
Manage your file system using convenient copy, move and rename features. Also supports bulk operations and share. Works with your default libraries and allows you to pick more folders to manage anywhere on your PC. Features Browse files and folders
Version: | Date added: |
UrzaGatherer allows you to handle your Magic The Gathering cards collection. Data can be saved to and imported from a file and can be share with your friends. Searching and browsing your collection has never been so easy! UrzaGatherer is a search pro
Version: | Date added: |
Draw your tactics for your team. Easy, clean and quick. This is a must have app for every coach. Supported sports: - Soccer - Basketball - Football - Ice hockey - Tennis - Handball - Futsal
Version: | Date added: |
The Time
The Time shows the current time and, optionally, the day of week and date on a live tile on the Start screen. The time may be displayed in the default style or overridden to force 12 or 24-hour mode.
Version: | Date added: |
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