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This Social Application reveals a colorful live collection of photos coming from the Instagram* network in real-time. The photos are divided by their #tag, for example, pictures from #Telaviv. This is only the first release. many more to come! Next v
Version: | Date added: |
UmShun is a delightfully competitive multi-player um-word-counting diversion. Play against friends and other attendees at any conference or presentation. Get the most points by being the first to press the correct button each time the speaker says
Version: | Date added: |
Loclville a new old fashioned way to interact. What you see is a community board that belongs to you and your neighbors ONLY. A maximum radius of thirty miles, a minimum of one block. The choice is yours. We supply the Board and the tools to use it a
Version: | Date added: |
Alpha is a Omegle client which is a great way of meeting new friends. It is a one-on-one chat with a randomly picked stranger. Chats are completely anonymous, and you can disconnect whenever you like, although there is also nothing to stop you from r
Version: | Date added: |
MSMVPs Blog Reader
Microsoft MVPs are known for their contributions to technical communities. Many MVPs maintain blogs at These blogs encompass many Microsoft technologies. MSMVP's Blog Reader aggregates recent posts from a large selection of blogs and pres
Version: | Date added: |
glƏƏk! for windows 8
Get the coolest, fastest Twitter app for Windows 8! Added to v0.91: You will now be notified if Twitter is unhappy with your Time Zone or date/time settings, relieving frustration for fans who didn't understand why they were getting errors. Fixed in
Version: | Date added: |
no screenshot Barb\'s Connected World Blog Reader
Barb's Connected World is a technology blog that showcases the connected home and the latest emerging technologies. Barb's Connected World Blog Reader presents this content especially formatted for Windows 8 users.
Version: | Date added: |
Forget about maintaining multiple copies of your resume and updating it whenever it is time to look for work. Forget about browsing through thousands of static job listings that provide no context in helping you identify which ones you would most lik
Version: | Date added: |
Want a more interactive way to check the news on your tablet, computer, or smartphone? Well, accessing information has never been this easy before! tMetro provides real-time tweets to help you quickly find the top stories from around the world. Simpl
Version: | Date added: |
ChinaFace For Win8
ChinaFace Windows 8 客户端(以兴趣分享为核心,整合Windows 8操作系统诸多特性和最新操作体验,将丰富的内容、好友关系、图片等内容主体在Windows 8系统上予以展示,加强分享、评
Version: | Date added: |
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