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***** #1 medical viewer app for Windows 8.

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Navegatium 1.0

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Publisher's description
***** #1 medical viewer app for Windows 8.1 in over 62 countries
***** 1st DICOM workstation for tablets capable of real-time 3D reconstructions – groundbreaking, unrivaled technology
***** 1st place in “Breakthrough in Innovation and Design” at the //Publish/ 2014 Microsoft global event
***** A Microsoft BizSpark Company

Navegatium is a Personal Imaging Workstation, the first app in the world capable of performing 2D, 3D and X-Ray reconstructions of DICOM images with an intuitive touch interface in desktops, laptops, 2-in-1 convertibles and tablets alike.

It is the only of its kind designed to run on Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets and to be commercialized worldwide directly on the Windows Store.

Bringing together a new approach in user experience and a powerful 2D/3D visualization engine, Navegatium allows you to view and organize DICOM images from local drive, removable media or PACS servers like you have never done before.

► Import from local media, PACS or the cloud

Quickly find and organize your DICOM studies. Simply point to a local folder, a DICOM CD/DVD, a USB drive, or a synced cloud service like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, and Navegatium will separate patients, modalities and series in a intuitive and friendly presentation.

You can also connect to PACS servers to query, retrieve or send DICOM images from/to any institutions you have access to.

► Innovative, high-quality viewer

Our innovative viewer provides you with high-quality multiplanar (MPR), volume (3D) and X-ray reconstructions, as well as dynamic manipulation (zoom, pan, rotation, windowing, color palettes and more) of the original or reconstructed images. All of that in an intuitive user interface which takes full advantage of multi-touch gesture interactions.

Taking advantage of the advanced DirectX hardware acceleration, you can use these advanced tools to power high-resolution displays in high-performance desktop computers or to conveniently access your images in portable Windows 8.1 compatible tablets, with exactly the same functionality at your disposal.

Use our annotation and measurements tools – including lines, rectangles, ellipses, free hand drawing and text – to provide insight analysis directly over original or reconstructed images. Quickly add the images you see to a report, where you can further edit or insert additional comments, to print and distribute as teaching notes or research material.

► Intuitive touch interface

Navegatium was designed from ground up to take advantage of all innovative features in Windows 8.1 and an intuitive multi-touch gestures interface. You will quickly forget the traditional user interfaces cluttered with hundreds of buttons, toolbars and dropdown menus. All of the software resources are presented right in the moment you need them, keeping the user interface always clean and easily understandable.

► Navegatium Knowledge Base

Included with Navegatium, you will find a selection of pre-loaded sample studies so that you can start exploring all of the features from the moment you have installed the app.

You will also have access to the Navegatium Knowledge Base, a huge selection of sample DICOM datasets, accessible from all devices on which you have Navegatium installed. Think of it as your private research PACS, where you'll be able to query and retrieve hundreds of DICOM studies from several modalities and specializations, constantly updated with fresh resources to be used freely as you wish, in research, studies, teachings or to simply entice your scientific curiosity.

► Best value for your investment

With a single license, you can install Navegatium in any device connected to your Microsoft Live account, be it your tablet, personal laptop, home or office desktop computers, directly from the Windows Store!

You will also have unlimited access to all our future updates, with no time limit, at no additional cost!

► Facts and figures

• First and only advanced radiological workstation available for Windows 8.1 and the Windows Store.
• The first DICOM radiological workstation 100% designed for Windows touchscreen devices;
• Sold in more than 200 countries.
• Awarded 1st place “Breakthrough in Innovation and Design” at “//Publish/ 2014”, the official Microsoft Windows Store developer event hosted simultaneously in 60 cities worldwide.

Navegatium is in active development. We have several new features and updates planned for the next months and will keep improving them and adding more!

If you have any doubts or issues using our app, please feel free to contact us at
  • Compatible with the following DICOM modalities: CT, MR, PT, CR, DX, RF, MG, XA and NM (multi-frame and color images are currently not supported).
  • Compatible the following DICOM transfer syntaxes: lossless (JPEG LS/2000/14SV1/14, RLE); lossy (JPEG LS Near/2000/1/2.4); uncompressed (Explicit/Implicit VR Little/Big Endian).
  • Import/export DICOM studies to/from local HDD/SSD folders, USB drive, CD/DVD (import only) and synced cloud service like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.
  • Query, retrieve and send studies from/to multiple PACS servers (WADO, C-FIND, C-MOVE, C-STORE SCP/DICOM Listener, C-STORE SCU/DICOM Send).
  • Automatically organize all DCM files into a DICOM hiearchy (patient/series/images) with easy sorting for quick acess.
  • Search PACS and local images by name, date or modality.
  • Intuitive touch interface: a beautiful user interface crafted in detail from ground up to use the latest multi-touch gestures interaction technology.
  • High-quality multiplanar (MPR) reconstruction in the three main anatomical planes (axial, sagittal, coronal), volume reconstruction (3D), x-ray projection and original acquisition images display.
  • Manipulation tools: scroll, zoom, pan, 2D/3D rotate, dynamic windowing, windowing presets, color palettes, POI, reference lines, sync. Manipulate the images with the touch of your hands!
  • Annotation and measurement tools: line (linear ruler), rectangle (area), ellipse (area), free hand drawing and text. Draw and measure directly over the original or reconstructed images!
  • Customize the layout: 3 views (axial, sagittal, coronal), 4 views (3 + volume) or full-screen display, with a choice of clean (minimal) or complete overlay information.
  • Generate reports you can print or export as PDF (using a PDF printer) by adding the images you see and inserting additional comments.
  • Sample data studies are included to allow you to instantly explore all of the app features.
  • Navegatium Knowledge Base: have instant access to a constantly growing selection of sample DICOM datasets directly through the app.

Changes on the new version:
➤ v1.4.0.0
• Add crop planes in volume
• Add Minimum Intensity Projection (MIP)

• Add option to cancel PACS import and export

User Interface:
• Add support to spanish language (es)

• Various bugfixes and performance improvements
• Make app available for free!

➤ v1.3.0.0
• Add support to Portuguese user interface
• Add support to CR images with high dimensions
• Improve performance when downloading multiple series
• Various bugfixes and improvements

➤ v1.2.0.0
• Improved performance of WADO transfers, up to 50x faster
• Perform WADO transfers on background and automatically resume on restart
• Added option to select transfer syntax on C-Store
• Better handling of timeout and connectivity issues
• New and faster advanced search

User Interface:
• New and fresher icons, revised labels, more detailed information and error messages
• New, more intuitive representation of download and upload status
• New settings menu options: about, how it works and support
• New Navegatium Knowledge Base button for direct access to the NVKB

• Improved sync and reset between different views and reconstruction modes
• Remember the state of manipulations, layout and annotations for each series
• Improved Path tool and overall ease-of-use of annotations

• New Report with a revised UI, more editable fields and auto-populated info

Available Translations: None
Navegatium 1.0 screenshot

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