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Draw Poker
Should you ever draw to an inside straight? What if it's A, K, Q, 10? What if two of those face cards are suited? How about 3? In Hold'em, what if two overcards are flopped to your pocket pair, know what your odds are then?Draw Poker is fashi
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Solitaire Harmony
No Windows without Solitaire! This game combines the world-famous gameplay of Klondike Solitaire (also known as Patience), a great medieval soundtrack and probably the most beautiful card game artwork you’ve ever seen on the Windows Store. This cas
Version: | Date added: |
Simply Solitaire Pro
Get immersed in this uniquely styled version of Solitaire. With its natural card layout, feature rich content and polished visual style, Simply Solitaire is the only Solitaire game you need. STYLIZED We feel that every game on Windows 8 shoul
Version: | Date added: |
Officer\'s Skat
Officer's Skat, also "Seemannsskat", "Bauernskat", "Raeuberskat" or "Kutscherskat" called, is a challenging german card game for two players. The counts of the cards and their rankings are same to those of normal skat game. You play with partly open
Version: | Date added: |
Klondike Forever
Enjoy everyone's favorite solitaire game, Klondike. Rich graphics and smooth animation enhance your game-play experience in 3D.Note: If you wish to move partial piles, turn on the "Relaxed Rules" option. The default official rules only allow you
Version: | Date added: |
Cribbage Forever
Enjoy two-player Cribbage against the computer. Rich graphics and smooth animation enhance your game-play experience in 3D.Note: The game defaults to a challenging computer opponent. You can change the skill level in the options.
Version: | Date added: |
AE Spider Solitaire
Spider! The most popular classic card and casino solitaire game available here! Any feedback please email us, because we can’t reply on comments. Thanks very much for all your support in our games! If you like Solitaire, Blackjack, UNO, V
Version: | Date added: |
A simple app to count Life points in different card games, i.e. Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the gatering and so on. Features Up to five PlayersVariable Life pointsSnaped ModeTouch-friendly interface
Version: | Date added: |
It is a card game well known as Solitaire or Klondike.This is the most difficult game to win. If you are very good in puzzle solving you can give it a try. Features Popular card game Solitaire or Klond
Version: | Date added: |
日本の伝統的「百人一首」がWindows8アプリになりました! 歌人の想いを感じながら歌を覚え、「かるた」にチャレンジ! お正月には是非家族で、仲間でお楽しみください。 ◆小倉
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